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    January 10, 2017 /  Real Estate

    Getting a duplicate of an RFID key card or fob isn’t difficult, but it can be very expensive. Many apartment managers, homeowners’ associations or other building administrators charge up to $100 for each duplicate RFID key card they issue. Students, homeowners and anyone else carefully watching their budgets may balk at paying those prices, but feel they have no other options. Fortunately, new technology has been developed that can provide necessary extra key cards for a fraction of their previous cost.

    Cloning is the new buzzword now in use when it comes to key cards and similar RFID formats. The advantage for consumers, in addition to much lower prices, is the convenience of being able to send a key car through the mail or a shipper to a facility that will quickly duplicate the card, usually within one business day, and then send it back via return shipping. While the original key card is needed for the cloning process, it isn’t out of your hands for days or even weeks at a time. Key card cloning companies are dedicated to making the turn-around time as short as possible, with the help of the US postal and shipping companies. The price for cloning key cards or fobs can be as much as 80 percent lower than a landlord or business owner might charge.

    The process of cloning a key card or other key format is simple. You just take a look at the online cloner’s website to ascertain that your key is supported. About 90 percent of all key formats are one of just four common types, so it’s very likely that you won’t have any trouble getting a key card cloned. Once you’ve identified your key format, you simply choose the type of key you’d like your clone to be, such as fobs, cards, wristbands, stickers or smart rings. Then you complete your online order, put your original key into the mail and wait for it and your duplicate to be sent back to you. Tracking data lets you know when the package arrives at the cloning facility and when it is mailed back to you.

    Saving money was the impetus for the development of this type of key duplication service. If you want to avoid paying exorbitant fees to get copies of the RFID keys you need, consider online key cloning services.

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