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    December 24, 2016 /  Real Estate

    When my hubby told me that he was changing positions in his company and that we needed to take a look at Silver Spring Maryland apartments so that we could secure a place as soon as possible, I rushed to the computer to start looking. I had been hoping to move out of the city and the apartment complex where we had been living for a long time. We didn’t have the opportunity to do that for many years, so the fact that we would finally get a chance to made me pretty happy about a big change for the two of us. Not only that, but my best friend lives in Silver Spring, so we would have a chance to live near each other for the first time in 20 years.

    I met my best friend when we were just little kids. We had no idea that our friendship would grow to be so strong and that we would one day be friends as adults. Most people I had known back then had fallen by the wayside, and I had no idea where they lived and barely remembered most of their names. But my best friend and I had made it decades together, and she feels like she is a family member. We have done our best to keep in touch with the help of phone and email. But now we were going to get the chance to hang out together in person anytime that we wanted to after completing the move to Maryland.

    My husband ended up liking a place that is located only one block away from my friend’s house. He swears that it wasn’t on purpose, but I suspect that it was. I don’t drive, so living so close to her would mean that I could walk over to her place within just 10 minutes. Everything was working out so nicely, which is nice because life doesn’t always work out that way.

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