• I Really Found a Great Girlfriend

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    December 20, 2016 /  Real Estate

    I have really lucked out when it comes to college girlfriends. When I met the girl I had no clue that she had any money, although I realized that she had more money than me after I took her out a few times and she paid her own way. Obviously most of the time the girl expects the guy to pay for everything, but then one day she picked me up in a new Lexus and told me that we were going to look at luxury apartments for Jacksonville FL. Apparently she was about to turn 21 and that was a really big deal for her, because both sets of grandparents had trust funds for her. After a bit she told me that both of her parents were doctors. Her mother was a pediatrician and her father was a surgeon. At any rate she has offered to let me drive her old car, which is a four year old Chevy Suburban. Of course that thing must use gas like crazy and I have a hard enough time keeping gas in a Honda Civic.

    At any rate I had been living in a dump with three other guys, one of them was acting like he had lost his medication too. The only really good thing about it was that it was a short distance from the campus. Now I am living in a really nice place with a great girlfriend. It has a huge pool and there is a gymnasium. They have tennis courts and basketball courts too. Of course I can play ball at school and you always find a good game there any time that you want to play, so this is not that big of a deal. At least it does not matter too much until I graduate from college.

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