• Moving is Something That I Really Wanted to Do Quickly

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    December 19, 2016 /  Real Estate

    I picked up one of those free books that anyone can pick up at most grocery stores that feature apartments in Deland FL for rent. My husband had claimed that he wanted a divorce two weeks earlier, and then left me hanging as to whether he was actually going to move out or not. We had been having trouble for over two years, and I knew that there was no hope for our relationship. So, even though he was sticking around and keeping me in limbo, I knew that it was time for me to move on without him. I knew that I could do it. Looking for a new apartment gave me a ray of hope because it is always fun to move someplacenew.

    With two children to take care of, I knew that I needed to be realistic about which place I rented. Our girls are twins and they are only 2 years old. So, I knew that meant that I only needed to get a two bedroom place. They can easily share the same room together since they are both so young. I, of course, wanted my own room. I wanted to get a place that is located on the lower level with some nice grass area behind my apartment so that girls could have a little paddling pool or play back there in the coming years. I also needed to make sure that whatever place I rented would be close to my office so that I didn’t have to drive far.

    I found just what I was looking for. The place that I got has a balcony so-to-speak, even though it is on the ground level. And it is not closed off. There is a gate that allows me to open it up and there’s a giant, grassy area out back. There’s also a sidewalk area, too. I decided to grab the place and move there immediately.

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